From the recording The Laddies From Kerry

I figured we should have a song about The Kerry Boys.


There's Maggie McGee from the grand old Trailee
She' waited six years for a weddin' you see
But the Kerry boys often are clever with words
They say the mention of nuptials she mistakenly heard

Oh lassies beware of the laddies from Kerry
They'll fill you with liquor and promise to marry
They're charming and witty, sweep you right off your feet
And then it's your virtue you'll be hard pressed to keep

There's Peggy O'Rourke from the center of Dingle
Who thought she would stay not much longer as single
It's been such a long time she says she forgot
Which Kerry she'll marry and which one she will not

Then there's Katherine Brennan from the town of Killarney
Who said she's heard enough of the Kerry boy's blarney
Armed with shillelagh and brothers times two
She says the Kerrys will marry if it's the last thing they do

There's many more stories for sure such as these
About girls wanting marriage and anxious to please
So lassies beware of the Kerry Boys' song
Or your plans for a weddin' might go terribly wrong