From the recording Mercy It's a Shame

Written about the hazards of the drink.


There was a time when I was young and lived a life carefree
But then one night O'Donnell gave that fateful drink to me
I lost my friends, I lost my wife
Everything that was good in my life

No matter how I tried to put the drink aside
It always seemed to get the best of me
It's a shame, shame, shame, mercy it's a shame
It's a shame, shame, shame, mercy it's a shame

Morning came and nightime went day after day
No matter how bad it got I wouldn't change my ways
What a fool I was to begin
A life of drink and bitter sin

Walking home from McMurphy's pub late one night
A lorrie came around the bend, huggin' it so tight
I wasn't fast enough you see
Because of all the drink in me

Now I'm lyin' here in the ground six feet down
Burried in a pauper's grave on the outside of town
When I was alive I could not save
Enough for a stone to mark my grave