From the recording The Belly Of The Beast

A song about CT and commuting for a living.


Take the train every morning
Leave the house at five, get in at 8:09
Grab a coffee, fold the paper
Take another sip, read one more line
It's always a rush in the morning
and no-one ever talks
Caught in the current on the sidewalk

Yes I'm livin' in the belly of the beast
I've always followed the signs
Yes I'm livin' in the belly of the beast
It's such a good friend of mine

Always thought of leaving the city
But I come back here every day
Dreamt of owning my own business
Funny how dreams slip away
Lost control of my life so many years ago
This is all that I know

A watch a handshake and a pension
Not much to show for forty years
But I made choices I could live with
Lord knows I'll not shed any tears