1. Let It Go

From the recording Let It Go

A lesson I am still working on!


It's so close that you can taste it
And you want it so bad
Like a kid with no money in a candy store window
Thinkin' 'bout all the things you might have had
Wo-oh, let it go

People come and go through life
Even friends disapear without a trace
I know you feel so bad about it
'Cause there's feelings there that you just can't face
Wo-oh, let it go

Time to let the sunshine in
Take a good look at the shape you're in
Wo-oh, I think you know, I think you know
Time to look ahead, time to make up a brand new bed
Wo-oh, I think you know, time to let it go

I know you're thinkin' 'bout the past
And all the stupid things you have done
Don't you think you should forgive yourself at last
'Cause you don't want to live your life on the run
Wo-oh, let it go

Time goes by so fast
Head on like a careening train
Don't you think it's time to leave the past to the past
Otherwise you'll live with too much pain
Wo-oh, let it go