From the recording Even Cold Hearts

The thought was that even the worst of people can be turned around if infused with enough love. Sad to say, I'm not so sure anymore.


It feels so good to be out of the cold
The fire's always burning so hot
Some feel the warmth and they walk right in
But no matter how they try, others cannot
It's so easy in the scheme of things
Just turn up the heat
Sit right down in the fires flame
No one gets burned in this hot seat

Even cold cold hearts, even the coldest hearts
Yeah cold cold hearts, they can be warmed by love

Teach your children, show your friends
Just how good it can feel
A look in the eye, a touch of a hand
Nothing else feels so real
But no matter what faith you trust in
Or which banner you answer the call
The door's always open so walk right in
There's room enough for all

chorus bridge

Take off your shoes, kick up your heels
Dance with the power of love
Feel your heat and that of others too
It's just what you've been dreamin' of