From the recording Too Much Good Whiskey

Of course, I couldn't leave out the whiskey drinkers when writing drinking songs!


I've been to the north , I've been to the south
I've been east and west that's for sure
But there's nothin' so grand, across this great land
Than a noggin of whiskey in hand

There's just too much good whiskey about
You can keep all your bitters and stout
For others it's fine to sip on some wine
But not for me, because I decree
There's just too much good whiskey about

I've tried other drink when whiskey was scarse
But this I can tell you is true
All else is for fools, there's no finer fuel
Than whiskey, the grandest of jewels

I came into this world, and I'll go out again
When I do I'll have just one request
Don't toast to me, I'll be already dead
Raise a glass to the whiskey instead