From the recording The Sailor's Chant

Written after finding a paper in my great Grandfather's belongings that had this chorus typed on it. Always a Kerry Boys favorite!


Every sailin' man, drinks as much as he can
When he has to plant his feet upon dry land
But tipplin' has it's rules, and so as not to play the fool
They call them out as the landlord pours the fuel

Not drunk is he who from the floor
Can rise again and drink once more
But drunk is he whoprostrate lies
And cannot either drink nor rise
And cannot either drink nor rise

The start of every round brings a thunderous sound
With voices raised to verse and flaggons downed
One by one the voices die, one by one they fall aside
'Til there's only one man left to raise the cry

The morning after's s reel, is sure to make them feel
That even on land they're rollin' with the sea
So they climb back aboard, to sail the sea once more
And at night they'll raise a toast to raisin' hell on land