From the recording The Ration of Rum

Gotta have a song about Rum!


I set off to the sea at the age of thirteen
Been the world over, the things I have seen
But there's nothing so fearful as a big man-o-war
Comin' up along side ya with her cannons a-roar

The ration of rum, the ration of rum
I should have been done for, but for the ration of rum

The deck she had splintered we were thrown to the sea
The air it was hell fire as sure as can be
I thought I was going to sleep in the depths
But I was too drunk to give up quite yet

I filled up with sea water, of that there's no doubt
But it didn't taste like rum, so I spit it all out
I reached for a barrel that was floating on by
When I saw it was rum, I started to cry

I dodged hot lead cold steel, the noose and much more
Been shipwrecked three times and made it to shore
Out on the high seas there's danger's about
But a ration of rum turns a scared man to stout