From the recording One Pint of Porter

Written in 1997, this is always a crowd favorite(as well as one of my favorites) and I have had people from all over the country asking if they could play it.


Some men drink whiskey, some men drink wine
Some don't drink at all, some drink all the time
Me I like porter at one pint a day
As I walk home from work, the pub's on the way

I've a fine job, a warm hearth and good wife
But it's one pint of porter that makes perfect my life
I don't drink any more, I don't drink any less
But here is a secret I must confess
After one pint of porter, I don't count all the rest

A pint with the lads is a fine time indeed
And talkin' the social's something every man needs
The gift of the gab and a powerful thirst
Will send ya home smilin' for better, for worse

Life can be cheerful if you live it just so
And here are two things that all men should know
If you've a good woman, never ye stray
And take one pint of porter at he end of the day