1. Son of a Gun

From the recording Son of a Gun

Written after a conversation with a fellow at the Red Lion Inn, in Stockbridge, MA. He told me this story about the origins of the saying. Let along I had never heard a song called Son Of A Gun, and I wanted one!


My Father was a tailor, never thought he'd be a sailor
But pressed into service was he
My Mother found out Sunday that his ship was leaving Monday
So she stowed away and headed out to sea

A son of a gun, a son of a gun, I was born a son of a gun
Fol - de - ra, me tide - le - de - dum, I was born a son of a gun

As yet they hadn't married, so they knew they couldn't tarry
It could be years before they saw the shore
The Captain married them that morn, nine months went by and I was born
Concieved at sea I'd sail forever more


My own ship now I do command, and there's not another ship more grand
And the younger lads they all look up to me
From battle I have never run, for I was born between the guns
And a son of a gun I will always be