From the recording A Ship With No Water

A metaphor for many things. Great sung accapella!


I'd not set my sights on a sail since last Sunday
That's something unnatural for a sailor ya see
So I asked an old man which way to the water
For I've got to get back to where a sailor should be

Oh lord, please hear my call, for a ship with no water is no ship at all

He said to me lad, ya better sit down and listen
I've somethin' ta tell ya you'll find grim I fear
You've been here since Sunday and it seems you've forgotten
But the fact is, ya see, ya can't get there from here

I asked the old man for a clear explanation
How could it be I can't get to the sea
Ya died as a pirate and now you're in Hades
And as penance you'll live inland for eternity

I then remembered the whole bloody story
My life as a scoundel and all my foul deeds
I was hung from the yardarm by the Brittish last Sunday
I guess ya pay in the end for the life that ya lead

This is hell for a brigand if there ever was one
No water, no women, no gold blood or rum
Old man it is torture without these to live
He says "that's the point lad, ya get what ya give"