Such A Long Way Home

The Shores of Willoughby

Pierce Campbell
written by Pierce Campbell


A song about going to a favorite vacation spot.


The road always seems the darkest just before dawn Take another sip of coffee as I let out a yawn Packed our bags last night and headed on out the door On that all night ride down to Willoughby's shore So we ride along the western highway From the mountains down to the sea Ride along that western highway To the shores of Willoughby Can't remember the last time we were christened by the sea Made love by a full moon light, or stayed up until three These are a few of our favorite things These are the pleasures that Willoughby brings Chorus Oh Willoughby Oh Willoughby The sun cuts the water's edge awakening the land Pockets full of treasures that we picked up in the sand Can't think of better times or a better place to be Than walking hand in hand on the shores of Willoughby