Such A Long Way Home

Oh Mary

Pierce Campbell
written by Pierce Campbell


A humourus look at backyard shrines.


Mary's in the bathtub starin' into space She's wonderin' what she's doin' here in this place There's a chill in the air, the ground is so hard 'Cause Mary's in the bathtub in the back yard Chorus Oh Mary how'd you end up this way Was there some kind of reason for the price that you paid You're their inspiration some people would say 'Cause you stand there listening when they come to you and pray Mary how'd you end up this way She don't know how the hole was dug under the sky She don't know how the tub got there, she still don't know why She remembers wakin' up one day feeling the shock Frozen in place, just like a rock Minute by minute day after day She looks at the people passin' her way There's a pain in their hearts and a look in their eyes Some even talk to her but she can't reply She'd like her soul to run free she's like to run through the grass She'd like to go home and see her father at last But there's some kind of magic keeping her here And she can't even shed one single ear