Such A Long Way Home

Find Us Some Water

Pierce Campbell
written by Pierce Campbell


A search for faith and hope.


What do you do when the thirst comes on so strong There's nothin to drink, nothing but drought for so long The ocean is deep but there's not a drop to drink And the desert is dry as a bone What we need is a well nearby A little bit closer to home Chorus on't you think we oughta find us some water There's a terrible thirst in every woman and man Don't you think we oughta find us some water We'll drink from the well as much as we can Cup your hands, take the first sip of the cure You'll wanna drink more, the allure is seductive for sure It'll sooth all your pain down to the bone It'll cure all heartache too Just one sip of the elixer of life Will make you feel brand new Chorus Bridge Don't ask why, drink it on down Don't be shy, go to town There's an endless supply, in the ground More than enough to go around