Songs of the Sea

Farewell to a Good Wind

Pierce Campbell
written by Pierce Campbell


Written after reading an historical account of a cooper from Mystic, CT who went to sea and ended up getting hung in England a s a pirate, even though he was forced to join a pirate ship crew after his ship got taken by pirates.


Set out from Mystic, West Indies bound We ran from a black flag chasing us down Our Captain surrendered when we were out run We gave them no fight for we were out gunned They took all we had and our ships crew was freed But I was a cooper and the scoundrels had need Being threatened with torture I was forced to sign on I then was a pirate with my freedom gone Farewell to a good wind and a fine rolling sea To fair and foul weather I’ve known Life tacks with no warning changing her course Sometimes we reap what others have sown Sometimes we reap what others have sown They drank and they plundered I worked and I prayed But I knew that my luck would run out one day We were spied by a ship financed by the Crown They caught us in shallow and we ran aground We were taken by force and all put in chains And sent off to trial on the banks of the Thames Proceedings were swift, witnesses few The outcome was certain this we all knew To hang by the neck is a pirate’s last plight With final words spoken at mornings first light Some men broke down with repentance made But I cursed the day that I learned my trade